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Greeva basti

Greeva Basti Ayurvedic Treatment

Greeva Basti comprises two words. Greeva and Basti. In this Greeva stands for neck and Basti is to hold somewhere. Therefore it translates into to hold something on the neck. This is an oil that is held on the neck. The similar procedure is- Kati Basti also, in which we hold oils on the lower back.

Basically, greeva basti is all about- snehana and swedana. Snehana means- oleation and sudation – to sweat. These both come under purvakarma of the panchakarma therapies. Thus greeva vasti helps to work on the local muscles. Because when it comes to Greeva Basti the neck. The neck is almost 90% muscles on the backside. The spinal vertebrae are very small in size. When these muscles are strained excessively. It leads to problems with the vertebrae.

The pressure caused by the strain reduces space between two vertebrae. This leads to a lack of blood supply to the spinal discs. Once the blood supply is not proper, it causes degeneration in the spinal disc. This degeneration can lead to any condition of the spinal disc- herniated disc bulged disc, protruded disc or disc extrusion in the cervical region. Thus it is important to maintain the normal tone of the muscles and ligaments. Only after that, we can expect the normal spinal discs.


  • Relieves the burden of stress and congestion in nerves , bones and muscles of neck and shoulders  and thus relaxing and rejuvenating them
  • Improves flexibility and brings smooth movement
  • It improvescirculation around the neck and shoulder region.
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