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Podi Kizhi

PODIKIZHI (Powder Bolus Massage)

As the term implies Choorna that is an herbal powder as used in this treatment procedure. Herbs are cleaned, dried and powdered prior to the treatment. These are then tied into a bolus using suitable cloth. Medicated oil may or may not be applied over the body as per the individual conditions or as advised by the physician. The herbal powder bolus is heated and applied over the body or affected area in soft punches. The bolus is heated intermittently during the course of the treatment. It is beneficial in treating arthritis, bursitis, paralysis and muscular pain. It removes the toxins from the circulating system, clearing the channels, imparting blood circulation. It is beneficial in inflammation of spinal muscles and found to effective in certain low backaches, cervical spondylitis, and frozen shoulder. Kolakulathadi choornam, Kottomchukkadi choornam, etc are some of the medicines use for choornakizhi. The duration of the treatment may vary from 30 to 45 minutes according to the condition of the individuals. This treatment is done in a course, which is for seven days, 14 days, etc.


  • The feet, ankles, wrist, fingers – Podikizhi can help rid these smaller bones of the body of acutely painful episodes, inflammation, deformity, and immobility.
  • The joints in the arms, neck, lower back, hips, spine, and knees – swelling, immobility, stiffness, pain, and numbness can be cured
  • Body muscles – Podikizhi can relieve soreness, swelling, sprains, and muscle strain.
  • The skin – by helping to regenerate and revive skin cells, Podikizhi brings a glow to it and makes it appear youthful.
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