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Massage with Shirodhara

Shirodhara Ayurvedic Treatment

Shirodhara is an ancient Ayurvedic therapy. Warm oil (or other liquid) pours in a continuous stream over the forehead or ‘ajna marma’, an area where nerves are highly concentrated. The pressure of the oil onto the forehead creates a vibration. The oil saturates the forehead and scalp and penetrates into the nervous system.

The gentle pressure and soothing warmth of the oil allow the body, mind and nervous system to experience a deep state of rest, similar to meditation.

Shirodhara is traditionally done as part of the Panchakarma cleansing process using specially prepared shirodhara oil. It is also safe and effective as a stand-alone therapy.


  • Reduce Memory Problem
  • Promotes better sleep
  • Improves Concentration
  • Body get Strengthened
  • Eye Disorder reduces.
  • Sleep is induced and Ageing is reduced.
  • Increase the Blood Circulation of head and brain
  • Improves the vision, hearing and clears the nasal problems.
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