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Udhwarthanam – The Ayurvedic herbal powder massage

UDHWARTHANAM is the use of medicated powder of choicest herbs for massage. There are two methods of treatment. The first method is to make a paste with water. This paste is applied all over the body and the allowed to dry. Once the paste has dried the remaining powder is rubbed all over the body. The mixture used in Pozhikizhi is used in this treatment too. The second method involves drying the powder using heat. Heat is applied to the powder kept in an earthen pot. The dried powder is then applied all over the body except the head starting from feet and ending at the neck. The movement of the massage is circular. The effect of the massage is phenomenal.


  • Helps reduce excess fat making the body healthier.
  • The therapy helps make the skin healthy and also makes it blemishless.
  • The treatment works great in reducing and preventing the formation of wrinkles on the skin.
  • Helps hydrate the skin removing the causes of dryness.
  • Helps cure a disease caused due to toxin accumulation due to sweat glands not functioning properly.
  • It helps get rid of the problem of excessive sweating and also skin discoloration.
  • Toxin removal helps get rid of the body odor problems.
  • Makes the body healthy and balances vat, pitta, and Kapha.
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